What does “anti-Covid measures” mean? 

All the car parks that you will find on ParkVia have anti-Covid measures in place. The exact measures taken will vary for each car park and in each country, but the most common examples are: 

  • An enhanced cleaning schedule. 

  • Staff wearing of PPE (personal protective equipment) such as masks and gloves. 

  • Physical distancing such as using screens to create a physical barrier between people. 

  • Reducing the number of staff working at the car park. 

  • Free hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities available on site. 

  • Not offering certain products or services such as ride sharing or valet services. 

In addition to this we expect all car parks to follow local laws and guidelines as they apply within their region. In some areas, customers may be required by law to wear masks when using car park services. Please check local government advice before departing.