Cancelling is easy and takes less than two minutes. Many of our car parks allow cancellation with just 24 hours or more notice!

Simply log into My Account.  

To do this click on “Manage Booking” here [LINK] or in the navigation on the main site.

From here you will be prompted to create a password so we can keep your details safe or log in using an existing password.

After creating a password, you can log in using the email address you used for the booking. 

Once logged in, click on the “Manage Bookings” icon or link. This will take you to the complete booking history for your account.

Find the booking that you would like to amend, click on the Cancel Booking button, accept the Terms & Conditions and press confirm.

In order that we have most circumstances covered please see the below details that may be applicable to your booking.

  • Onward travel changes (including cancelled flights, cruises, train travel, etc.): No Refund. It is your responsibility to be informed of onward travel changes and to adjust your timetable, accordingly, informing ParkVia of any relevant changes. ParkVia cannot be held responsible if your onward travel changes (e.g. your flight, cruise or train is cancelled) and you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Missed shuttle bus: No Refund. Some of our car parks offer shuttle bus services as well as parking services, such as parking at car parks at or around an airport. Shuttle bus timetables, if applicable, are available on our website as well as on booking vouchers, it is your responsibility to be aware of shuttle bus operating hours and any scheduled times.
  • In the event of parking at another car park due to late arrival: No Refund
  • In the event of parking at another car park due to not finding the booked car park: No Refund. Directions are included in booking voucher and are readily available online with your booking details if you lose your booking voucher. It is your responsibility to ensure you have your booking voucher and/or direction details with you when you travel. You will also have a direct phone number for the car park.
  • Lack of booking voucher: No Refund. Booking vouchers are sent out automatically by email. It is your responsibility to contact ParkVia to ensure you obtain the relevant details should your booking voucher fail to be delivered.
  • Unused parking days: No refund is available for unused or part stays.